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Jim Grenn is a Mississippi-based investment professional with a background in Biochemistry and small-town, freelance journalism.  A Renaissance man, he became curious about the details and analytics of the surrounding economy and markets, driving him to a career in investments.  He combines this analytical detail with his passion for storytelling in Domino.




Kent Oliver has always appreciated a good story.  From his days examining old box scores and re-enacting the play-by-play broadcast of a big game as a child to the fairy tales he creates now nightly as he puts his two girls to bed, he has always enjoyed painting a picture through words.  Kent currently works in the investment industry in Mississippi and has a real passion for learning more about the history of the global economy.  The opportunity to contribute to the Domino Podcast provides a perfect canvas for two of Kent's greatest interests.




Brady Raanes is tasked with researching and organizing the content for Domino.  As a veteran in the financial services industry, Brady takes pride in making complicated stories more understandable.  His fascination with the inner workings of the economy has lead him to pursue a variety of industry designations and begin work on a book to be released in 2019.